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Customer Experience

June 30th, 2021
Nearly every industry has spent the last 20 years perfecting customer experience, which has led to a sea of sameness in design. Best practices have been established, flows have been optimized, and it’s getting more and more difficult to create a differentiated customer experience. The business world is in dire need of experience innovation, and now may be the best time to experiment. With the adoption of digital technologies sped up by several years due to COVID, many industries are currently in a position to test out new technologies with the public — such as Augmented Reality (or ‘AR’). AR…
June 21st, 2021
These days we’re all on video chat, from FaceTime with family to work meetings on Zoom. It’s become a core and — key word, expected — form of communication. Integrating video chat as a touchpoint is essential to building a great customer experience. Why focus on customer experience? Providing an excellent customer experience encourages people to choose your brand over the competition, remain loyal, and spread word of your business to new buyers. In fact, research from PwC shows that more than two-thirds of companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience, and 86% of buyers will…