Good people making great things

We asked ourselves, “What does it take to have a great idea, and make it work?” From there we built our creative philosophy.



Firing up that happy human chemistry



Sharing inspiration, talents, and ideas



Opening the mind to see from new perspectives

SVG Experience


Taking risks, staying curious, and having the courage to learn

Our People

Creative [people]

Signature is a collective of artists, designers, product people, technologists, business minds and more.

Secret sauce

We value a life well lived as much as a job well done. Individuality, humor, and the pursuit of happiness is at the core of our community.

Global perspectives

In-house we have several nationalities, multilingual speakers, and a diverse range of life stories.

Empowered teams

We encourage the free exchange of ideas, speaking up in client meetings, and volunteering to ‘take the wheel’.

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At Signature, it's important that our team reflects the diversity of our work and the world around us. We're always on the look out for unique voices, crazy good design chops, curious minds, or anyone willing to get hot wings with John.

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