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Where is your HOLO?

World's First Volumetric Hologram Technology and APP

This is Holo

Mix Your Reality

8i provides the easiest way to create, mix, and experience human holograms that look and feel as if they were in the same room. The proprietary technology transforms video from an array of cameras into a photo-realistic volumetric video of a human that can be viewed from any angle, on any device for virtual, augmented or mixed reality.

Creating Delightful and Magical Experiences

We worked closely with the 8i Holo team to develop a deep understanding, research, and approach to making sure we would be successful with Holo. Working in an agile fashion, we prototyped and tested with the product experience with multiple focus groups and age testings. Such fun the teams had also working with adopting influencers who gave us excellent feedback as well as real-world testing. We love breaking new ground with innovative technologies.

The Holos are Here

Expanding Opportunities

Holo launched in full swing with your friendly, neighborhood, Spider-Man! The content strategy is influencer-driven, including comedians, musicians and sports stars such: Super Fruit, Flula, and Anderson Silva. Holo surpassed market estimate downloads by 100x at launch, with a monthly sustained 3x above market standards. Hundreds of thousands of downloads and counting. 🙂