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A Bold New Way to Shop

Developing a New Brand Strategy & Digital Platform


eBay became a unique business by offering people a whole new way of buying and selling at the intersection of commerce and community. eBay and its community enjoyed meteoric success with enviable growth rates and an enormously profitable business model.

Twelve years in they hit a bump in the road: poor financial performance, loss of member interest, and an unsustainable buyer attrition rate. They had become followers, not leaders. Customer loyalty was diminishing, and team spirit was low.

They needed to play by their rules again; they needed a bold and distinctive brand platform to rally the troops and get back to their core:

“We are the one-of-a-kind, people-powered marketplace where amazing stuff meets amazing people, and hot deals find cool homes.”


Brand Strategy
Original Creative Concepts
Information Architecture
Digital Design
Programming Development
3-D Animation
Motion Graphics
Systems Integration
Partner Agency Management

The Solution

A Content-Rich Interactive Platform with a Gamified Shopping Experience

We developed the brand platform “Shop Victoriously” around the excitement you feel when shopping and winning an auction. This feeling was supported with an immersive, content-rich interactive platform with a gamified shopping experience, and episodic videos by top comedian Andy Richter. Richter hit the road in a “Winner-bago,” preaching the “Winner’s Guide to Winning.” All the action was captured via a continual web series, with each episode comprising the “7 Principles of Winnervators.”

Along with the episodes, the program also featured a contest where a lucky visitor could win $50K to spend on eBay, as well as a “Winners Street” section showcasing TV spots and winners’ stories.

eBay TV


To further extend the platform and provide the community with more inspiration to shop, we developed a dynamic content destination and syndication across social channels to further dimensionalize winning.

Let Them Post

Giving eBay Users the Ability to Tell their Story

eBay is about people selling to people. By giving merchants the tools to become influencers and connect more directly with their customers, we fostered a people-powered marketplace. “Let them post” gives eBay users the ability to post videos to tell their story and sell their hearts out.

Onsite Marketing


New personality-driven onsite marketing far outperformed previous campaigns.

eBay Catalogue


Building personalization into the core of the product was key to connecting with our shoppers. At the heart of the overhaul was a curated recommendations engine and personalized catalog based on shopping behavior and psychographics.

The Results


Millions of new visitors to eBay. High conversion rate of “window shoppers” to eBay members. Even The Motley Fool deemed it a winner: “eBay lived up to its new ‘Shop Victoriously’ ad campaign by coming through with better-than-expected earnings. Revenues surged 30%.”



Of New Users

High conversion rate of “window shoppers” to eBay members


Even The Motley Fool deemed it a winner:

“eBay lived up to its new ‘Shop Victoriously’ ad campaign by coming through with better-than-expected earnings. Revenues surged 30%.”

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