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United Health Group’s Most Successful Preventative Health Program Ever

A Fresh Approach to Making America Healthy Again


UnitedHealthcare partnered with Signature to tackle America’s biggest health problem: rampant obesity and its related diseases.

Despite years of effort by the healthcare industry–and the simplicity of the solution (eat less, move more)–offering a solution that empowered and motivated people to make positive lifestyle changes proved challenging.

With over 40 years of weight-loss research, UnitedHealthcare understood a problem this big required a radically new approach. So, UnitedHealthcare tasked Signature to engineer the Real Appeal program from the ground up. We developed a truly end-to-end customer experience that guides the participant from onboarding to crossing the finish line.

Within 1 year, Real Appeal became UnitedHealthcare’s most successful preventative health program ever.


Communications Strategy
Onboarding Process
Member Portal
Mobile App
Email and Notifications
Live Over-the-Internet Group Sessions
Trackers that Synch w/ 3rd-Party Apps
At-Home Kit
500 Pages of Content
10 Hours of Video Programming
Fitness Workouts
Nutrition Guides

The Program


Real Appeal combines clinically-proven science with a new, engaging, and highly personalized experience. Users are motivated to change and sustain positive daily habits that achieve long-term results. The program creates success by putting small goals within reach, digital tools to keep you on track, and a personal coach to motivate and guide you.

Real Appeal offers weekly Hollywood-quality educational videos, followed by live virtual coaching and online group sessions. Coaches are available on-demand for one-on-one consultation and support, making it convenient and easy to participate. The interactive program also includes a suite of digital tools, weight-loss trackers, fitness videos, and an in-home weight-loss kit, literature & more.

Branding & Identity

Engaging, highly personalized, and focused on wellness–not illness.

Real Appeal is all about the experience. From the excitement of signing up, to the first time you want to give up and quit, Real Appeal is there in your corner, making sure you succeed. Participants are treated like members, not patients, and receive the support and tools they need to make positive changes.

The Platform

We developed a set of tools to track various diet, exercise, and weight loss goals.

Participants can personalize their program to meet their diet and exercise preferences, and can easily sync with third-party apps like Fitbit.

With the reporting tool, Real Appeal coaches can monitor and advise participants based on patient outcomes.



Carefully timed conditional notifications and communication triggers were developed to encourage participants to stay on track and take small steps to success.

One to one human interaction is key to motivating people, so we developed live over-the-internet group coaching sessions that took place each week and allowed the participants to interact with the coach and lesson plan, followed up with a digital quiz.

At Home Kit

Weight loss tools & guides

Getting something in your hands makes it all real, so we developed the packaging and materials for a kit delivered to the participant’s home.

We worked with key industry experts in nutrition and fitness to create 52 weeks of tips, educational information, recipes, lesson plans, and exercise routines, delivered to your phone and your home.

Enterprise Communications


It was essential to help the internal HR departments communicate the value of the program to their employees, so we created a suite of collateral for their specific uses. Posters, presentations, and tabletops for lunch and learns, email strategy, copy and ad templates, intranet blog posts, and mailers, as well as social media posts and a host of media assets.



Over 2 Million Pounds Lost!

Since its inception, Real Appeal has seen 700,000 participants spark life-changing results for a lasting transformation.


Real Appeal’s one-of-a-kind approach resulted in employee engagement five times higher than that of traditional disease-geared programs.

Traditional disease management programs struggle to maintain a 5-10% participation rate. Real Appeal engagement rates typically exceed 30% among companies that implement best practices and have strong executive support for the program.


Real Appeal participants saved up to 16% in annual medical costs compared to non-participants.

Peer Review


Research on digital weight loss program Real Appeal, published in the November issue of peer-reviewed journal Obesity, proved the scalability and efficacy of online intensive lifestyle intervention in helping people lose weight.

The study is the first-of-its-kind to involve such a large sample size – more than 52,000 people – and to employ an intent-to-treat analysis, which includes results from every person who attended one or more online coaching sessions.


Client Response


“It was a pleasure working with Signature Creative through all stages of the development process. From branding, product design and layout, website and mobile development, Signature led and executed on great ideas with remarkable talent, and within an easy and collaborative ecosystem. I felt as though I had a personal concierge leading me through the entire journey, step-by-step. Signature makes the process fun, provides a personal touch, and delivers a quality product. I’d be happy to work with them again and again.”


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