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Disney Movie Club

Branding and Product Redesign

The Beginning

Disney Movie Club Redesign

DMC has done an amazing job continuing to build a business that maintains revenue in the challenging physical in-home market.

DMC maintains a strong position as the 4th largest retailer of physical product and the 2nd-highest in Blu-ray penetration. However, in preparation for a rapidly changing landscape, we are here to help adapt DMC into a modern product that resonates with new, younger audiences and allows it to maintain a strong position in this evolving market.


Signature's Human Centered Design Solution

A ‘Holistic Approach’ to the DMC program overhaul included looking at the brand, communications, Marketing & CRM, retention programs, Membership Site, and mobile application, as one unified experience. Signature began the overhaul by utilizing best practices surrounding product personalizations, in-site marketing, streamlined e-commerce designs, and improvements to the VIP experience. We are progressing through this project with our Signature Iterative Approach. This approach constantly tests our assumptions – derived from extensive Market and Competitive Research, as well as the most cutting-edge techniques in UX/UI. By continually analyzing new data, best practices, and market trends, we’re able to ensure each new phase progresses with only the most impactful recommendations and features.