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Charlie Ride Free

Product Development, Marketing, UX / UI

Charlie Ride Free for the People

The Opportunity

Charlie Ride Free for the People

Charlie Ride/Free is an innovative,simple new app that gives all people access to free rides. No matter who you are or where you are going, we made it simple and easy for everyone to go Car Free, Care Free, and Fare Free. Signature yearned to give free rides and introduced a competitive marketing plan, a flowing UI/UX design, and a sparkly new website. And the people jumped for joy as their lives were forever enriched.

The Solution

You Get a Free Ride! And YOU get a free ride! AND YOU GET A FREE RIDE!

The partnership between Charlie and Signature resulted in millions of free rides and thousands of lives saved. New users found a friendly UI/UX, investors found an engaging and informative website, Charlie found an attractive brand, and Signature set sail another successful ship.

The Journey

Mapping out the Road Ahead

Charlie partnered with Uber, creating a seamless integration between the two, allowing users to directly order rides from within the app. Signature developed a vibrant and friendly personality for the brand as well as an engaging experience for users as they earned points towards free Uber rides.

The Arrival

Expanding the Horizon

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